NXP extends S08 8bit MCU line with new models

NXP Semiconductors has announced extending longevity of its S08 8bit microcontrollers (MCUs) as well as additional S08 8bit MCUs next year.

NXP Semiconductors has revealed that it will be extending the longevity program for six S08 8bit microcontrollers (MCU) to five more years. The move is in response to the demand and broad market usage of the MCUs.

In a span of 12 years, NXP introduced 25 product families to its S08 8bit MCUs, including the S08QG, S08QD, S08SF, S08SH, S08AC, and S08FL MCU families. Next year, it will be adding more S08 products, which it expects will help customers address future challenges.

NXP’s 8bit MCUs are ideal for harsh working environments, such as in automotive, industrial control and home appliance applications. The S08 portfolio comes in 3V and 5V options.

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