Now Buy IoT Solutions at Channel Partner Service Portal launched by GCR

    In a Partner Summit, held in Mumbai, Mr. Tony Tsao, Chairman GCR (Global Channel Resources), an IoT and Networking Solutions Company, announced the launch of an e-Market place called CPSP (Channel Partner Service Portal) for its registered partners. All registered partners on the market place can get access to the IoT solutions and the Networking products being marketed by GCR. The partners can also order the products on-line. GCR exclusively offers these products to the end customers only through its registered partners.

    GCR started its sales operations around a year back and has spread over to USA, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and few other countries. GCR has entered into agreements with well-established IoT solutions and Networking product vendors and markets those products to the partners who in turn offer these solutions to their customers.

    Tony Tsao | Chairman | GCR

    The IoT solutions business has been identified as the fastest growing global business and is expected to reach around 300 Billion US Dollars by the year 2020.

    GCR offers IoT solutions, for Retail, Hospitality, Education and Enterprises. These IOT solutions help to monetize the Idle IT Infrastructure resulting in increased consumer satisfaction and subsequently increased revenue and profits for the enterprises.

    GCR also offers Networking products for ISPs, Data Centres, Surveillance and Enterprises, from “Edge Core” an “Accton” group company. These Networking products also complement the IOT solutions and help to connect to the IT Infrastructure.

    Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Karthik Simha, Country Manager for Edge Core in India, said that GCR and Edge Core together will offer Value added solutions to their customers.

    Mr. Prabodh Vyas, Country Manager for GCR in India, stated that all products offered by GCR will carry local warranty and GCR  India team will offer local training and installation and technical support.

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