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    Noida Authority Allots 34,275 sq metre Land to Adani Enterprises Ltd to Set Up a Data Centre

    Adani Enterprises Ltd has acquired a 34,275 sq metre land parcel in Noida at Rs 103.41 crore to set up a data centre, a senior Noida authority official said.

    The company will invest Rs 2400 crore in the upcoming facility at Sector 62, Noida and the project will generate employment for 1350.

    In addition, the authority has allotted another 16,350 sq metre land parcel in sector 145 to MAQ India Pvt Ltd to set up an IT facility.

    “We had received four applications for the land parcel and based on the project reports, Adani has been selected,” said a Noida authority spokesperson.

    In April, Adani Enterprises was allotted 39,146 sq m land in Sector 80 to develop a data centre where they intend to invest Rs 2,500 crore.

    Along with Adani, the authority had allotted close to 2 million sq ft of industrial land to 13 companies as part of a strategy to spur investment and employment in Uttar Pradesh.

    Recently, the Noida authority had adopted the Uttar Pradesh government’s data centre policy, making acquiring land to set up data centres near the upcoming international airport at Jewar cheaper.

    According to the policy, any company investing over Rs 200 crore in data centres will be eligible for relaxation in stamp duty, electricity charges and building by-laws.

    The state government aims to attract Rs 20,000 crore of investment and establish three data centre parks.

    While the state cabinet approved the policy in January 2021, the three authorities adopted the policies at their board meetings last week.

    Hiranandani group’s Yotta Infrastructure, NTT Ltd, STT Global Data Centres India and AdaniEnterprises are among the companies that have been allotted land for data centres in the region.

    Under the policy, investors will be offered incentives on capital, interest rates and subsidies on land procurement, besides non-financial incentives.

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