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    Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric 2W/ Scooters /Scooty

    Ctech Energy offers a wide range Lithium-Ion batteries under operating Range of 48V, 60V, 72V for Low Speed and high-speed Electric Scooters of 2W.

    Key Features

    1. High mileage with full load
    2. Light weight & Hi-tech Safety Features
    3. Modular stylish designs
    4. High performance EV grade power cell
    5. Multi-level protection at Current/Voltage/temperature level
    6. Long life cycle performance
    7. Equipped with smart BMS to ensure higher reliability
    8. Fast Charge/Discharge Rate
    9. Designed in metallic casing IP65
    10. AIS 048 Certified battery

    Advanced Features

    • External switch to control the BMS Operation
    • Peak Power tolerance of 3 KW up to 10 sec
    • Operating Temperature range of -20 to 60 degree
    • Voltage Protection at Cell level
    • Current Protections at pack Level
    • Short circuit protection
    • Over discharging current Protection
    • Passive Cell Balancing
    • Over charging – Discharging Protection at voltage level

    Key Specifications

    • Battery Rated 48 V 1.2 KW/1.4 KWH
    • High mileage with full load
    • High Energy density NMC cells
    • Operating voltage range (40 V to 55 V)
    • Cycle life of +1000 under ambient operating conditions
    • High Charge-Discharge current up to 1C
    • High Energy Density

    IoT Features

    • GPS tracking device can be additional mounted to track the battery
    • Immobilization of the battery can be done remotely with GPS
    • Geo-fencing can be achieved
    • KM driven can be recorded in excel reports
    • Battery Voltage and SOC can be monitored through GPS

    Charger Specifications

    • CTECH ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED provides 48V/5A Smart portable Chargers especially made for Lithium-Ion batteries.
    • It has AC input voltage range of 160 V -280 V and the Charger is Generator Compatible and it does pure DC Voltage Charging.
    • The charger has Over Load and short circuit protections & comes with Fan Cooling and Thermal current controlled, Anti rust aluminium cooling features.
    • The advanced high frequency SMPS design chargers saves at least 20% on electricity cost over conventional chargers.

    For more information, visit

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