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    NK732 Counter / Time Interval Analyzer by Carmel Instruments for ultra-fast time and frequency measurements

    Carmel Instruments announces the NK732 Counter / Time Interval Analyzer, a PXIe based instrument module for ultra-fast time and frequency measurements. Based on a new novel architecture (patents pending), the single-slot NK732 provides unprecedented performance levels and functionality. These capabilities create new exciting applications in semiconductor ATE, ultrasonics, lidar, and other scientific and engineering fields.

    The instrument can make up to 20 million measurements per second, each with 2 ps single-shot time resolution. With its 4-lane PXIe interface these measurements can be read out in real time as they are taking place resulting in zero bus overhead, even while running at 20 million measurements per second. In other words, you can have 1000 measurements ready for use in computer memory in 50 µs total time. It is possible to have up to 32 channels in a single PXIe chassis, all running in parallel.

    Maximum frequency is 500 MHz, extendable to 6 GHz with the optional prescalers which are selectable on each channel independently.

    The 2 ps single shot resolution translates into high throughput frequency measurements. For example, it only takes 2 µs to measure frequency with 1 ppm resolution (6 digits), or 500 us for a 1 ppb measurement. This is useful for measuring dynamically changing frequencies such as in spread spectrum clocks, when changing a PLL frequency, or when turning on an oscillator (start-up time).

    Other capabilities which are unique to these instruments include a minimum pulse width of 100 ps (useful in photon counting), and the ability to measure rise times accurately down to 30 ps.

    The standard timebase is a 1 ppm TCXO and there is an optional 0.005 ppm (5 ppb) NIST traceable oven oscillator with ultra-low phase noise.

    Applications for the NK732 include
    Semiconductor test (ATE)
    Clock chips, PLLs, MEMS and quartz oscillators (measure frequency, channel-to-channel skew, settling time, risetime)
    High speed logic prop delay
    High speed amplifiers risetime
    Calibration of digital pins to better than 10 ps total accuracy
    Photon counting and measuring time of arrival to 2 ps. Minimum pulse width is 100 ps
    Lidar and ultrasonics pulse timing. Measure every pulse continuously, even at 20 MHz

    Price: $4,950. The oven oscillator option is $800 and the 6 GHz prescaler is $1,300 Availability

    Contact: Shalom Kattan Tel: 408-866-0426, Email:

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