NIEIT to drive Rajasthan’s IT and electronics sector: Union Minister

    Union minister P P Chaudhary on January 26, 2017, said that institutes like NIEIT will help Rajasthan grow in the electronics and IT sector and contribute to India’s digital ambitions. The union minister of state for electronics and IT further was in the city to take part in an event here. Rajasthan has made commendable progress in contributing to India s digital dream, he said.

    More than 40,000 students of the state are connected with E-Mitra’s common service centres, which is an achievement itself, said Chaudhary. He said his ministry wants the state to grow by leaps and bounds in electronics and IT sector and institutes like National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIEIT) are established here.

    NIEIT has an important role in chasing digital India dream, digital literacy, Make in India and skill India. “The institutes have worked tremendously towards digital literacy, and we want to increase NIEIT existence in other states like Rajasthan,” he added. The focus towards IT and electronics sector is part of a larger push under Digital India where government is trying to build infrastructure that leverages latest technology. States like Kerala and West Bengal are building up databases to make sure that the people in those states can benefit from technology.

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