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    NI Automated Test Outlook Reinforces the Need for Smarter Test Systems

    NI identifies top business and technology trends to help lower the cost of test

    The provider of platform-based systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, announced the release of its Automated Test Outlook 2016. The annual test and measurement report delivers a comprehensive view of the key trends expected to impact automated test environments with the proliferation of connected devices, from preparing to test mmWave communication to effectively using manufacturing test data to propel business results.

    “As strong advocates for excellence in automated test, we work closely with customers and suppliers to understand the top issues facing manufacturing and test departments,” said Jayaram Pillai, Managing Director India at National Instruments. “Whether your challenge is testing millions of Internet of Things devices or managing a 20-year-old test system, our goal is to spark dialogue within your organization to help you lower the cost of test and stay ahead of your competition.”

    Automated Test Outlook 2016explores the following topics:

    COMPUTING: Harvesting Production Test Data

    Semiconductor organizations pioneer real-time data analytics to reduce manufacturing test cost.


    SOFTWARE: Life-Cycle Management Is All About Software

    Obsolescence, OS churn, and compatibility challenge long life-cycle projects—an age-old problem warrants revisiting.


    ARCHITECTURE: The Rise of Test Management Software

    Off-the-shelf test executives are effective solutions for the influx of new programming languages.


    I/O: Standardizing Platforms from Characterization to Production

    RFIC companies employ IP reuse and hardware standardization across the product design cycle to reduce cost and shorten time to market.


    Business Strategy: Making (mm)Waves in Test Strategy

    Test managers are adopting modular solutions to economically validate high-frequency components.


    Download the complete report at

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