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    New Modules for Compressed Air, Energy Storage and Ethernet

    The latest Han® 300 A module fits in with the classic development goal for energy storage systems by enabling more capacity with less weight. Today’s energy storage systems often work with outputs of 200 A / 800 V DC. Future applications with higher energy density will require transmissions of 300 A / 1200 V DC and more. The Han® 300 A module is the matching interface.

    The Han ® 300 A module is suitable for connecting new energy storage units, as well as for
    upgrading existing systems (being plug-in compatible with the Han® 200 A module).
    Equipped with touch-safe contacts, it can be connected directly to the busbar or integrated
    into storage drawers.

    The M12 connector format is new to the Han-Modular® range. Two connectors, either X-
    or D-coded, each fit into one module. In this way, for example, it is possible to integrate 10
    Gbit/s Ethernet into a modular interface in a particularly compact, space-saving manner.
    By comparison with conventional RJ45 solutions, the M12 interface is significantly more
    robust. All common bus systems can be easily adapted, including Profibus, Profinet, CAN,
    Ethernet Cat. 5 and Cat. 6A.

    The trends towards greater digitization and modularization will also continue to grow: The
    Han ® Shielded Power Module represents a space-saving and easy-to-maintain alternative
    to hard-wired shielded power cables. The module features three power contacts (16 A/400
    V) and is suitable for connecting frequency-controlled drives, for example. Moreover, the
    series has also been supplemented with an EMC-protected module for signal
    transmission: with a large-area shield transfer and a 360° shield plate, the Han® Shielded
    Module Basic not only offers good shielding but also enables a great deal of transmission in a compact installation space. Up to 27 shielded D-Sub contacts with 4 A/32 V can be
    plugged in.

    There are already several solutions for 360° shielded data transmission in the Han-
    Modular ® program, including the Han® Megabit module, among others. A new feature,
    however, is an adapter for the module that allows it to be plugged onto printed circuit
    boards. The module features 8 data pins and a shield contact and enables Ethernet
    transmission with two lines according to Cat. 5 or with one line according to Cat. 6A.

    Introducing the Han ® Pneumatic Double Module, a new HARTING connector for
    compressed air transmission will be launched in the current quarter. The contacts of the
    interface have a larger connection range of 8 or 10 mm. This enables the design of
    compressed air transmission with sufficient capacity to operate valve terminals for various

    What’s more, the double module is also easy to assemble: A push-in solution using the
    proven quick connection technology and alternatively a conventional pneumatic
    connection are available for the hose connection. The combination can be inserted into
    the module – tool-free. With this module, HARTING is now further expanding its range of
    compressed air interfaces: Systems with internally and externally calibrated pneumatic
    tubing of 3, 4, 6, 8, or 10 mm can now be reliably installed with the help of pneumatic

    Han-Modular® pneumatic double module for the installation of powerful compressed air networks in industrial connectors.

    For more information, visit

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