New LED Flood Light Introduced to Replace Metal Halide Fixtures

Industrial lighting leader, Larson Electronics LLC, announced the release of an LED flood light in a compact form factor designed to replace fragile and hot running metal halide fixtures. This 150-watt LED has an integrated LED assembly paired with toughened glass and is ideal for general use indoors and outdoors as building decoration lighting, illuminating advertisements or even as a street lamp.

The Larson Electronics LEDHWP-SBX-30L-DCM is an LED flood light designed to replace 400-watt metal halide fixtures, to reduce energy consumption and provide operators with increased durability and reliability. This 150-watt unit features an aluminum housing with toughened glass that can withstand demanding outdoor weather conditions. The fixture’s housing is IP65 waterproof, protected against rain, snow and humidity, as well as the ingress of dust and dirt. The LEDHWP-SBX-30L-DCM has a flatter, more compact design making it great for street lighting, or illuminating buildings and signs.

This high output LED flood light has no warm up or cool down period, so it can be cycled on and off without a reduction in lamp life. Additionally, there is no glass or filament that could potentially break. The solid state of the LED bulbs gives this fixture a 50,000-hour operation lifespan and produces 15,000 lumens of crisp white light. The LEDHWP-SBX-30L-DCM operates on standard 100-240V AC, providing operators with efficient and reliable power available in a variety of locations.

“This LED flood light provides significantly more light output at a fraction of the power a fluorescent or metal halide would need,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “This unit can be used both indoors and outdoors with ample protection against damaging outdoor elements, making it a great alternative to standard street lights, building lights and many other sources of outdoor illumination”, he added.

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