New GSS 140 Orbital Sander & Jigsaw GST 650 for introduced for professionals

    Bosch Power Tools India, leading manufacturer and marketer of power tools for construction, woodworking and metalworking industry, has introduced the new range of Orbital Sander GSS 140 and Jigsaw GST 650 for professionals.

    The Bosch GSS 140 Professional orbital sander is designed for professionals and is highly comfortable to hold. This can be attributed to its low weight of just 1.2 kg and its ergonomic design. As a result, this orbital sander is also suitable for working overhead and in tight spaces. Bosch has also equipped the GSS 140 Professional with the ‘easy-fit’ clamping system, which ensures that sanding sheets stay securely in place, preventing the sandpaper from flapping or tearing. A further benefit of this system is that it is convenient to work using sandpaper from the roll as well as using velcro-type abrasives.

    Bosch GSS 140 Professional: Powerful and Compact

    Bosch has placed particular emphasis on ensuring that the GSS 140 Professional has a high resistance to wear because of white sanding plate, which is made from material with a particularly high tensile strength and durability. In addition, Bosch has optimised the ball bearings in the GSS 140 Professional, preventing premature wearing due to aggressive sanding dust. The GSS 140 Professional is equipped with the Bosch micro-filter system for ensuring clean, dust-free work.

    Having plate dimension of 101 x 112, make the GSS 140 Professional highly compact. This combines with its low weight of 1.2 kg, its rated power input of 220 W and its no-load orbital stroke rate of 28,000 opm to make this orbital sander a powerful professional tool. With a sanding plate of dimension (WxL): 114 x 140 mm, this orbital sander has a particularly ergonomic construction, including a large soft-grip layer on the motor housing.

    Bosch Jigsaw GST 650 Professional: High-quality Bosch standards within reach

    Bosch GST 650 Jigsaw has Ergonomic handling, thanks to light-weight (1.9 kg), compact and slim design. GST650 is suitable for cutting in wood 65mm depth, in aluminium 10mm depth and in non-alloyed steel 3mm. It has two layers of insulating material- surrounding live parts or reinforced insulation. It does not require a connection to electrical earth (ground).

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