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    New Automotive Wireless Charging Solution with NFC Communication introduced

    ROHM has recently announced the development of an automotive wireless charging solution with integrated NFC communication. This solution combines ROHM’s automotive-grade (AEC-Q100 qualified) wireless power transmission control IC (BD57121MUF-M) with STMicroelectronics’ NFC Reader IC (ST25R3914) and 8-bit microcontroller (STM8A series).

    Wireless charging technology, commonly used in portable devices such as smartphones to improve the safety and resistance to water and dust of connectors, is seeing increased adoption in infrastructure applications including vehicles, hotels, airports, cafes, and similar public locations. At present, Qi, the most popular standard, has already been adopted by the European Automotive Standards Group (CE4A) as the charging standard in vehicles, and by 2025 it is predicted that most cars will be equipped with Qi-based wireless chargers.

    Meanwhile, NFC communication provides user authentication to allow Bluetooth/WiFi communication with infotainment system, lock/unlock the doors, and allow engine start. NFC also enables vehicle setting customization for multiple drivers such as seat and mirror positioning, infotainment pre-sets, and navigation destination pre-sets.

    A reference board integrating this solution will be exhibited at the 11th International Car Electronics Technology Show at Tokyo Big Sight from January 16-19, 2019. In the future ROHM plans on releasing a sample reference board that will allow users to easily configure a wireless charger for automotive use compatible with the latest Qi standard (EPP), when combined with our Qi certified receiver board (BD57015GWL-EVK-002) already on the market,.

    Key Features: 

    1. Foreign object detection (detects NFC cards in smart cases)

     Per the Qi standard, a foreign object detection function for detecting metallic objects is included to prevent deformation or damage from occurring due to excessive heat generation in the event a metallic object is placed between the transmitter and receiver. This time, however, designers were faced with the challenge of ensuring detection of the NFC antenna without damaging the NFC card by the magnetic field. This was achieved by integrating a NFC communication function that enables detection of the NFC card even when inserted in a smartphone case or sleeve.

    1. NFC enables seamless infotainment operation via device authentication

    Previously, when connecting smartphones to infotainment systems it was necessary to perform manual pairing for each device. However, by combining Qi wireless charging with NFC communication ROHM made it possible to not only charge mobile devices such as smartphones but also perform Bluetooth or WiFi pairing at the same time through NFC authentication. To use, simply place a smartphone on the charging pad to automatically initiate screen sharing with the infotainment and navigation system. 

    1. Achieves system sharing via personal authentication using NFC

    In the future, all vehicles are expected to utilize NFC protocol to connect smart devices with the onboard system to provide shared functionality that does not rely on traditional keys or dedicated cards.

    STMicroelectronics NFC Reader ICs

    The ST25R3914/3915 automotive-grade NFC Reader ICs are compatible with ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa and ISO18092 (NFCIP-1) Active P2P, they incorporate a high-performance analog front end featuring best-in-class receiver sensitivity that delivers reliable foreign-object detection performance in vehicle center consoles.

    STMicroelectronics Automotive 8-bit MCUs

    The STM8A, high-performance automotive 8-bit MCU series, is available in a variety of packages and memory sizes. Moreover, the pin-compatible lineup allows users to select the best product fits for required functions and performance. Devices with embedded data EEPROMs are also offered, including CAN-equipped models featuring an extended operating temperature range guaranteed up to 150C, making them ideal for a variety of automotive applications.

    For more information, visit: 

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