Nasscom Launches Program to Accelerate AI-led Innovation in India

    Nasscom is launching an ‘AI Gamechangers’ program to promote Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led Innovation in the country, the apex body of the IT industry said. Microsoft is the Innovation Partner for the program.

    As part of the AI for India mission, the program seeks to recognize impactful and scalable AI-based Innovation in the country.

    Nasscom and Microsoft will work closely to develop and promote the AI Gamechangers program, built on a shared commitment towards accelerating the adoption of AI across key sectors.

    The program will recognize Innovators for their successful AI implementation at Nasscom’s Xperience AI Summit, one of the largest AI summits in India. “This will serve as a platform for startups, enterprises, academia, governments, and NGOs to showcase their AI-based products and solutions, providing reach and impetus to drive AI Innovation for the country,” Nasscom said in a statement.

    “The past decades have seen a dramatic growth of Innovation and talent in India. While the country continues to leap forward to become the Global Innovation Hub, we expect AI to unlock $500 billion of value to India’s GDP by 2025,” said Debjani Ghosh, President, Nasscom.

    Through this program, Nasscom aims to spotlight some of the leading AI-Based Innovations in the country, to recognize their efforts and motivate the larger ecosystem to leverage this opportunity to help India become a global powerhouse in AI-led Innovation, she said.

    Cloud-led Data and AI Innovation offer a huge canvas for India to be the tech engine of the world and drive homegrown Innovation, said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

    “Data and AI are driving transformation at scale across industries and offer a tremendous opportunity to transform public infrastructure and solve some of the most critical issues facing the country today. We are proud to partner with Nasscom on the AI Gamechangers program to create a strong ecosystem that recognizes and supports AI-led Innovation in the country,” he added.

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