Murata’s Highest Density Mono Block Converters Now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking the MYMGK Mono Block type DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. These new 20A and 6A voltage converters provide the highest power density on the market while offering small size and high reliability required by communication base stations for small cells.

The Murata MYMGK Mono Block type DC-DC converters, available from Mouser Electronics, consist of MYMGK1R820 and MYMGK***06 series miniature, non-isolated point-of-load (PoL) power converters for embedded applications. The MYMGK***06 series converters have a maximum output current of 6A, while the MYMGK1R820 converters have a maximum output current of 20A. Based on a fixed frequency synchronous buck converter switching topology, both series feature programmable output voltages. The devices integrate required peripheral components, helping to reduce the mounting space by over 50 percent compared to similar products.

The compact PoL converters leverage an analog power circuit design and a proprietary high heat dissipation package to achieve a fast transient response in the output voltage. As a result, the converters maintain sufficient power in high-temperature environments (up to 85 degrees Celsius), making them ideal for 5G communication base stations or FPGA drive applications that operate at a low core voltage and high current. Additionally, the converters are suitable for a wide range of other applications, including optical transmission systems, network security devices, industrial, and gaming electronics.

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