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    0603 inch (1608 mm) size compact metal alloy type inductor DFE18SA series by Murata

    The world’s smallest metal alloy type 0603 inch (1608 mm) size inductor, has now been achieved.

    As a result of components in mobile equipment becoming more densely mounted and incorporating more advanced functions, smaller components compatible with large currents are becoming increasingly important. Murata now brings to the market a 0603 inch (1608 mm) size 0.24u to 1.0uH metal alloy type power inductor. Proprietary techniques that utilize the high performance of windings have been applied to greatly enhance the rated current (current superposition characteristics) over that of conventional monolithic power inductors.


    • Smallest metal alloy type inductor in the world
    • Outstanding current superposition characteristics in spite of its small size
      (For this product, characteristics are Isat=2A@1uH, whereas they are Isat=0.55A@1uH for products of the same size made using conventional monolithic methods.)
      *Isat: Rated current based on changes in impedance
    • Low flux leakage as a result of closed magnetic path structure


    Power supplies for digital and RF circuits for mobile equipment

    Parts List

    DFE18SA series
    Check the series lineup in the following product


    Mass Production

    For more information, visit Murata’s website at

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