Mouser Electronics and Apex Microtechnology Announce Global Distribution Agreement

    Mouser Electronics announces a Global Distribution Agreement with Apex Microtechnology Inc., a HEICO company and an industry leader in high-power analog components. Mouser now stocks a variety of Apex amplifiers and reference devices.

    Apex Microtechnology power operational (linear) amplifiers are designed for applications that require high current and high voltage. These amplifiers are offered in a variety of high-reliability form factors with voltage rails from 5 V to 2500 V. They feature output currents from .01 A to 100 A (peak) and slew rates up to 3000 V/us. This provides a compact proven solution for demanding precision power analog applications like piezo actuation/positioning, electrostatic/magnetic deflection, and DC/servo motion control.

    Apex pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifiers are cost-effective solutions for motor control and other low-power-loss applications. Engineers can directly connect the PWM amplifiers to embedded microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. The devices are available with high supply (DC link) voltages from 60 V to 650 V, output currents from 8 A to 30 A, and switching frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to 500 kHz.

    Apex precision reference devices are ideal for a wide range of data-conversion applications. The sine wave reference device provides ultra-stable sine wave outputs and a low temperature coefficient over the full military temperature range. Apex precision voltage reference devices offer high accuracy through a unique proprietary multipoint laser compensation technique.

    The PA85 high-voltage operational amplifier provides a very high power bandwidth of 300 kHz, with output currents up to 200 mA. The device’s 450 V supply voltage and high slew rate of 1000 V/µs makes it ideal for high-voltage applications, including instrumentation, programmable power supplies, piezoelectric transducers, and electrostatic transducers and deflection.

    Apex PA164 and PA165 high-voltage power operational amplifiers feature a monolithic amplifier core designed for high-density power applications. The devices can operate with output voltages up to 200 V and provide either 1 A (PA164) or 4 A (PA165) of continuous output current. The devices have a wide temperature compensated current limit range. An additional over-current flag allows for a flexible implementation of system protection.

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