Metal Halide Hazardous Area Flood Light released, ideal for use in wet outdoor environments

Larson Electronics LLC, leader in industrial lighting, has released a hazardous area metal halide flood light fixture that is approved for use in Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D locations, rated U.L. standard 844 and 1598 compliant. This 400-watt metal halide fixture operates on several voltage configurations including 220V, 230V and 240V, and is ideal for hazardous work environments and locations where wet or damp conditions may be encountered.

The HAL-TRN-400-220V-50Hz is a metal halide hazardous area light fixture that is suitable for use in wet outdoor environments, perfect for mounting onto boat docks, building exteriors and other outdoor work spaces. The metal halide lamp provides 45,000 lumens of wide flood configured illumination. A thermal-shock and impact resistant door glass with pressure-cast copper-free aluminum door frame and high temperature silicone rubber seal protects the metal halide bulb. The lamp socket is a specification grade mogul base porcelain unit with heavy gauge brass, and the reflectors are a double segment compound parabolic design with Alzak finish for maximum efficiency.

The lamps are protected by a weather resistant housing constructed of pressure cast copper free aluminum with an architectural bronze Polyester finish. The lens door is pressure-cast copper-free aluminum and secured with 1/4″ diameter captive stainless-steel slotted hex-head bolts, and an integral multi-tap ballast is included allowing operators to operate this fixture on 220V-50Hz, 230V-50Hz or 240V-50Hz connections. The HAL-TRN-400-220V-50Hz is designed for pole-top or yoke mounting.

“This metal halide light has been engineered to survive and thrive in extremely rough outdoor conditions,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “It resists rain, snow, salt water and corrosive chemicals, and is safe for use in flammable environments”, he added.