Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics

Robotics in treating autism

How robotics play a crucial role in helping children with autism

USC researchers developed personalized learning robots for children with autism and studied whether the robots could autonomously gauge the child's engagement in long-term, in-home...
AI in discovering antibiotic

Antibiotic discovery with artificial intelligence (AI)

It has been heralded by experts as a major breakthrough in the fight against the growing problem of drug resistance. A powerful algorithm was...
brain aneurysms treatment with robotics

How surgeons use robotics in diagnosing brain aneurysms

Robotic technology is used in surgery and cardiology, but not for brain vascular procedures. In this study, Canadian researchers report the results of the...
AI in gene diagnosis

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in diagnosis of disease related genes

Artificial Intelligence and IoT applications have always helped in disease diagnosis as well as various ailment process. With the increasing technological advancements, it is...
Orthopaedic surgery with robotics

Robotics applications in orthopaedic treatment

The role of robotics has enhanced severely in the sectors of diagnosis as well as treatment, the robotic machinery and processes has equally influenced...
Technology in health care

Technological transformations in the healthcare sector

Technology has been deployed in various aspects of the medical industry including treatment process outlining, medical imaging, drug development, personalized medicine, and patient monitoring....

Now the system can use artificial intelligence for Placental Analysis

Placentas can provide critical information about the health of the mother and baby; yet, in the U.S., only about 20% of placentas are assessed...

Latest miniaturized sensor introduced for remotely measuring blood oxygen levels of babies

At Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), researchers have been creating a sensor that measures just the size of a Band-Aid. The sensor will have the ability...
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