MediaTek and China Mobile Announce Collaboration to Develop 5G Terminals

    MediaTek and China Mobile announced the launch of a joint R&D project on 5G terminals at the Mobile World Congress. The collaboration will encompass applications for 5G terminal form factors, technical solutions, testing and verification, and product research and development. The joint effort will accelerate the maturity of 5G chips and end devices for scale testing in 2018, preliminary rollout in 2019, and the commercial rollout targeted for 2020.

    MediaTek’s first-generation 5G baseband solution is based on the 3GPP Rel-15 5G NR standard, supporting New Radio (NR), sub-6GHz band, standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) networks, high power user equipment (HPUE), and other key 5G technologies. MediaTek’s 5G solution also supports Millimeter Wave (mmWave) to meet the demands of local network operators around the globe.

    “MediaTek has made considerable progress having invested significant manpower and time in the 5G technology and product development,” said Kevin Jou, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MediaTek. “Our joint 5G Terminal R&D project with China Mobile demonstrates that MediaTek is capable of meeting the requirements of one of the world’s largest operators. MediaTek products will greatly speed up the maturity and penetration of 5G ecosystems so consumers around the world can enjoy the convenience of 5G as soon as possible.”

    At MWC 2018, MediaTek is demonstrating the latest advances in 5G research and development, including the sub-6GHz prototype platform, mmWave antenna module, and advanced 5G NR technology. MediaTek’s 5G solution is not only suitable for smart phones but also can be used in a variety of terminal formats such as Internet-of-Things and modem modules. A wide range of applications based on 5G technology will make its way onto the market in a diverse portfolio of products.

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