Measurement of Voltage would be now easier by two new Models


KUSAM-MECO has introduced two new models of Clampmeter and Multimeter. Model KM-111M is an average sensing and Model KM -112M is true RMS Sensing Model. These models have Transient Protection of 6.5 kV (1.2 / 50μSurge), with an ultra slim Jaw to fit into narrow spaces.

These models have 3¾ digits 4000 counts LCD display. The models measure AC current (clamp-on), which ranges from 10mA to 600A in 3 steps 40A/ 400A/ 600A with basic accuracy ±(1.5% rdg +8 dgts.) with resolution 10mA (min). Jaw opening size for this clampmeter is 26 mm max. The models can measure DC voltage upto 600V in five ranges that is 400mV/ 4V/ 40V/ 400V/ 600V having resolution 100mV at 400μV. Also, these can measure AC voltage upto 600V in four ranges 4V/40V/400V/600V having resolution and accuracy is  ±(0.5% rdg +5 dgts.). These models contain resistance range upto 40 MΩ in 6 steps i.e; 400Ω/ 4KΩ/ 40KΩ/ 400KΩ/ 4MΩ/ 40MΩ having resolution min.

KM-111M / KM-112M have ultra slim Jaws, which are fully auto-ranging with input protection in all ranges. Having relative zero mode and data hold function, the models can measure line level frequency 5Hz to 100KHz. The operation of models takes place on single 3V coin battery IEC CR-2032. Dimensions of the models are 190(L)×63(W)×32(H) mm. Accessories contain Test lead pair, User Manual & battery & Carrying case, which has light weight that is 140 gms.

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