The New Solar Power Meter Model for measuring light intensity and radiation


KUSAM-MECO has  introduced  new  professional  grade  Solar  Power  Meter  Model, KM-SPM-1, which can measure the solar light intensity & solar radiation. It is a much needed product for checking the correct angle for installing the Solar Panels so as to get the maximum power generated from the solar panel. The KM-SPM-11 has a 3½ digits  2000 counts LCD display. The sampling time is approximately 0.25 second. The angular accuracy  is cosine corrected to < 5 % for angles < 60°.

The model has End mount light sensor for easy measurement & sensing. It also has an  extended  measurement  range  of  2000 W/m² 634/ BTU / ( ft² *h ) with  very high accuracy within  ± 10 W/m² or   ± 5 % , whichever  is  greater  in  sunlight.  It  has  high  Resolution  of  0.1 W/m²,  1 BTU / (ft² *h).

The main  application of the model  is  used  in  solar  radiation  measurement, which measures the  effectiveness  of  solar   film, solar  power research physics and optical, laboratories,  identification of high  performance windows, car  windows,  light  intensity  measurement,  measurement  of  the  sun’s  transmission  through  transparent  &  film  glass, and for  energy  saving.

The model has data hold / max / min function.  Users can select either the power or the transmission function depending on the  requirement. The instrument is  very handy and  light in weight containing approximately 150 g.

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