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    Matrix SARVAM UCS –Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises

    Today’s dynamic businesses require a smart and Unified Communication solution for seamless collaboration and connection between mobile workforce and in-office employees. Flexible device usage and round-the-clock connectivity is the need of the hour for mobile workforce. Increasing competition, flexible work places and timings increases the need for a more collaborative communication solution. With Collaboration and Mobility as the key aspects of business communications, the term “Unified Communication” has been evolved.

    sarvam-ucs-1Matrix SARVAM UCS is an enterprise-grade, Unified Communication solution that offers Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility. Matrix SARVAM UCS brings diverse users from multiple locations on a common platform for real-time collaboration and communication. The in-office employees can reach the mobile workforce on their smartphones/ Windows PC/ tablet by dialing only one extension number. Businesses are also at an advantage since the expense of getting devices for their employees is eliminated. Furthermore, the solution can be easily interfaced with the legacy networks such as POTS, ISDN, T1/E1/PRI and GSM/3G. Matrix SARVAM is designed for interoperability, to help enterprises evolve from what they have got today, with the agility that is required to address tomorrow’s communication requirements.

    Key Features:

    1)      Unified Messaging: Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, Conferencing and email to SMS.

    2)      Mobility: Convenience to connect from offices, between appointments, on business tours or while working from home.

    3)      Conferencing: Three-party conferences of 20 groups, 21 participants for a single conference and 62 participants in audio conference.

    4)      Scalability: Scalable up to 200 Users

    5)      Unified UC Clients: Connectivity with Analog, Digital, Proprietary, SIP/IP Phones or Applications for Android/iOS devices or Windows PC.



    1)      Improves Business Collaboration

    2)      Promotes Business Continuity and Networking

    3)      Seamless Connectivity Irrespective of the Caller’s Geographical Location

    4)      Convenience in the Communication Procedure

    5)      Higher ROI and Lower TCO

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