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    Matrix Assists Reputed Educational Institute of Hyderabad With Centralized Time-Attendance Solution


    INDUSTRY Education
    LOCATION Hyderabad
    CHALLENGES    Manual Method of Attendance Marking

    Manage Attendance Centrally

    Difficulty in Monitoring and Recording Accurate Data




    PARTNER Vigilant Technologies, Hyderabad



    Varsity Management is an innovative education system focused on learning and leadership. Varsity offers well-designed courses plans that are in sync with the state and national board curricula. Based on the re-engineered learning patterns, these plans help teachers provide multisensory learning and develop social and thinking skills in students. Varsity Management is empowering 3,85,000+ students annually with its presence across 465+ schools in PAN India.


    The main requirement of the organization was to bring its time-attendance under the same network umbrella. Varsity Management Pvt Ltd wanted to manage time-attendance of more than 15,000 employees at 100+ locations across pan India. Initially, they were using traditional methods for attendance marking. As a result, they were facing many problems in maintaining records of the same. Hence, they required an efficient system for maintaining and recording accurate attendance data of staff members. They required a biometric hardware solution that could precisely capture employees’ attendance. Moreover, they needed instant SMS notifications for certain events like missing in/out punch, attendance summary, etc.


    Matrix meticulously studied the needs of the institute along with its regional partner Vigilant Technologies. Having discussed in depth with Varsity’s team, Matrix offered its comprehensive Time-Attendance solution for managing and tracking staff movement from a single place.

    Matrix has installed 130 biometric Time-Attendance terminals COSEC DOOR FOT V3 at 100 locations across pan India. HR/Admin could easily track attendance of all employees and generate different types of reports for timely salary payment. Now users are updated instantly on different events like missing in/out punch, attendance summary, etc. when it occurs.


    • Centralized Monitoring and Control
    • Efficient Time-Attendance Management
    • Quick and Easy Salary Calculations
    • Improved Productivity
    • Customized Reports


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