Automotive World debuts in Nagoya with a Plethora of Next-Gen Driving Technologies

    Automotive World, which is one of the largest trade shows for the latest advanced automotive technologies is marking yet another milestone with a debut in the Japanese city of Nagoya. Nagoya is a capital city of Aichi prefecture which is famous for its manufacturing and many major Japanese manufacturers have their headquarters and factories there. 1st Automotive World Nagoya, which will be held from 5th September to 7th September 2018, is one of the best places to introduce your technologies & products to a lot of visitors from automobile/automotive components manufacturers.

    What to expect from Automotive World Nagoya?

    There will be a lot of cutting-edge technology on offer from a myriad of exhibitors.

    CAR-ELE JAPAN Nagoya is one of 5 shows consisting AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya. It gathers a variety of automotive electronics technologies such as components, materials, software, manufacturing equipment and testing technologies, etc.

    EV JAPAN Nagoya gathers all kinds of core technologies for EV & HEV; Motors, Inverters, Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers, etc.

    From autonomous driving technology such as Sensing Technologies, Dynamic Maps/Mapping Technologies, AI, Security Solutions, etc. to Autonomous Vehicles will all gather.

    Lightweight technologies play a significant role in the improvement of fuel efficiency without giving up enhancing safety and comfort. “Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo” is a unique tradeshow featuring all kinds of Components/Materials and Moulding/Processing Technologies for automotive weight reduction.

    With the development in driving technology, people are finding new ways to drive. Semi-autonomous driving is almost a thing of reality, and complete autonomy doesn’t seem all that far behind. 1st Automotive World Nagoya is just the right place for manufacturers, developers, designers, and even automotive enthusiasts to gather and witness the future of driving.

    For more information about the fair, click here.

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