Major German Firm to Start Selling LED TVs in India

Indian smart TV market is flourishing and expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% over FY 16-21 and by end of 2018, the Indian television market is expected to touch revenues of USD 11.78 billion, registering a growth of 12.97%. India’s growth story is an attraction to many global brands and one such entrant to address the growing Indian consumer demand for LED television is Blaupunkt.

After investing time and resource on understanding the Indian market, Blaupunkt, which has also received the coveted title of “Brand of the Century” is coming to India with a vision to disrupt the Indian market with its range of LED Televisions that has created waves in European markets across decades.

On the inaugural event of the leading IFA Berlin 2018 trade show for consumer electronics and home appliance held on 31st August 2018; Blaupunkt, a German brand pioneer in consumer electronics officially announced that it is going to launch its exquisite LED TV series in India this September. The ultra-modern product range of Blaupunkt LED TVs was unveiled by Managing Director of Blaupunkt at the Indian Pavilion at Messegelande Berline ExpoCenter City.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by renowned personalities from the German and India trade commissions, industry thought leaders, media professionals and global business partners.

Congratulating Blaupunkt for this new venture in India, Mr. Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director, GIP Development, Blaupunkt said, “I would like to congratulate Blaupunkt for this new product range and welcome it to the Indian market. For years and years, German brands like Blaupunkt are seen oriented with the Indian customer needs and requirements. Not only do they offer good value for money but also appreciable after-sales experience. I believe this will be a good initiative for both Blaupunkt and Indian customers.”

Foraying into LED TV segment in India, the exclusive product range of Blaupunkt LED TVs, which surpasses stringent German QC standards, is specifically designed and manufactured for the Indian customers by the Indian brand partners of Blaupunkt..

As a seasoned German brand entering into the competitive Indian market , Blaupunkt’s spokesperson, Mr. Thorsten Genhardt, Global Licensing & Development Manager sees the higher growth prospects in the next five years following the launch of LED TV series in India. He said, “Competition is quite fierce in Indian markets as we have witnessed being a part of it earlier with our audio products. However, the competition amongst the market players always brings best to the customers. Blaupunkt products are always known to its customers for its high-quality standard and efficient performance. With this new LED TV Series, we are carrying on the same legacy of delivering the Indian customers what they need.

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