Magenta rolls out its first EV charging station in Bangalore

    Magenta Power is all set to transform the integrated network and make the charging experience, a seamless one in collaboration with industry stalwarts like Tata and Mahindra.

    After setting up the EV Charging Corridor successfully at Mumbai – Pune Expressway, Magenta Power, one of the leading service providers of renewable energy solutions, accomplishes another milestone with the establishment of its first  EV charging station in Bangalore, exclusively for the Mahindra Treo Electric 3-Wheeler

    The charging stations shall be equipped with the ChargeGrid App which will show the availability of chargers along the route, coupled with their status at an individual socket level. It will also detect chargers within 500 meters with the help of EO fencing algorithms. With this development, Magenta aims to make the ‘driving and charging’ experience better for the owners of electric vehicles.

    Speaking on the set up, Mr. Maxson Lewis, Managing Director – Magenta Power says, “We are extremely proud of our latest launch as we are entering a new city. Our expansion and acquisition plans will unitedly help us bring about the much awaited EV revolution in the country. We are delighted to join hands with Mahindra (for Treo vehicles) for an exclusive partnership as it will help people to shift to EV for a better tomorrow.”

    “With an interconnected network of accessible charging stations and 24*7 assistance, this development by Magenta and the launch by Mahindra will revolutionise the EV industry,’’ he further adds.

    By launching these initiatives in partnership with major automobile giants, Magenta Power will create the facilitation of an independent and open network for charging infrastructure. It will further satiate the demand for the availability and engagement of charging stations in an ever changing technological environment.


    ELE Times Research Desk
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