Linear IC LED Driver Solution to Address Drive on Board Quality

Shenzhen CYT Opto-electronic, is a high-tech enterprise of LED lighting products and application solution, specializing in R&D, Production and sales. CYT is one of the market leaders in IC based linear driver solutions.

Semiconic devices is a group of professionals from the semiconductor industry, having the multitude of experience in their respective field of operation. Semiconic has strived hard to live up-to-the customer’s satisfaction and the result is phenomenal growth of the company over a small period of time. Semiconic has always tried to bridge the gap between industry and component principal suppliers by offering customers the best and cost-effective components along with providing the design and technical support to shorten their product development cycle and increase the time to market.

Semiconic, in its endeavor to bring new and innovative concepts, has tied up with Shenzhen CYT Opto-electronic Co. to bring DOBs’ (LED driver on board) suitable for operation in Indian conditions. CYT has been exclusively into linear LED driver IC solutions for past more than 14 years and is one of the pioneers into high voltage LEDs. CYT is number one as far as DOBs are concerned and has various solutions for LED lightings which are suitable for almost all types of applications, be it indoor or outdoor.

Why Moving from Drivers to Driverless solutions?

There has always been a concern about the quality of DOBs’ especially for erratic power conditions which are quite common in India. CYT and Semiconic have extensively worked towards this and have tried to address all the possible causes which can lead to the failure of DOB. After the extensive Lab testing, DOBs are put to field trials through various customers. Ever increasing the list of customers an overwhelming response from the customers makes us proud and more confident about the DOB technology. CYT and Semiconic as a team are committed towards further improvement and innovations in this technology. For this CYT has a state of the art factory in China along with a strong R & D team. Semiconic in India keeps stock of CYT ICs and LEDs and has a competent technical team to assist customers in the development of their DOB products.

Collaboration with Semiconic Devices

CYT and Semiconic Devices are together moving to a new level of innovation to make some competitive products with respect to the Indian market. Since Semiconic is a well know semiconductor distributor in India and CYT being no. 1 linear IC Company in China are coming together to penetrate the Indian market.