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    Latest Thermal Management Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries

    When it comes to heat management in electric vehicles, only one company has an entire range of thermal management solutions for EV batteries and their related applications. In the active stage, electric vehicles generate too much heat, and the same action happens during charging. All this comes from the central unit, which is the battery.

    Several different components go into the EV batteries. EV protection requires several components like insulating agents, adhesives, thermal tapes, thermal pads, etc. Failure of heat dissipation results in an extremely hot battery that risks exploding and catching fire.

    You can find all these components under one roof. E Control Devices is the leading company in distributing thermal management solutions for EV batteries. 3 M authorizes the company, and they have the entire range of thermal solutions and materials from 3M.

    The EV batteries require several other components also as slip-preventing components like anti-skid pads and bump-on. The insulating and insulating material prevents moisture from entering the battery pack and other internal segments.

    They have s a vast range of thermal conductive pads; these pads are used for bringing good conduction in the internal segments of the battery packs. Thermal pads are also used for reducing vibration. Vibration is one of the biggest reasons for damage to the devices. The thermal pads come in several materials, like acrylic and silicone. These materials are used as anti-skid devices to fix the battery pack into the housing case.

    EV Battery thermal management is crucial for improving the life cycle of the battery and its overall performance, as the EV has a direct dependency on it. In case of any issues with the battery, the entire vehicle will be affected. The increased temperature of the EV battery reduces the battery life and the vehicle’s drivability. Considering these thermal management issues in electric vehicles, ECD is doing impeccable work by providing top-quality products.

    We have all heard and witnessed recent incidents of EV scooters or EV two-wheelers batteries exploding and catching fire. These incidents have also happened during the charging of the battery and the drive.

    You can browse through the huge product line of 3M and the catalogue of ECD to find the required parts. It is extremely easy for the OEMs working with EV manufacturers to procure such important parts from 3M, which was not that easy earlier. We are the bridge between the OEMs and 3M.

    We have a plethora of thermal management materials like liquids and fluids that work perfectly with the demand of the current EV market. They also have intelligent and skilled technical people to help out through the process.

    Some companies also require technical assistance. It shouldn’t be confused with outsourcing the technical team. They have their in-house engineers and design team, but when you are using components from another manufacturer, it is important to know how you can use their product at its best. They provide technical assistance to anyone looking to get some additional information about the products and components they are using.

    The team of ECD and their authorizations help to get past the different stages of product design and development. They also provide the necessary documentation and certification for the quality check to ascertain the quality. This is an additional feature of theirs that is crucial for companies that work on some government projects and with international companies.

    In EV battery application, numerous products are required to keep the optimum temperature for better performance and longevity of the EV battery. There are thermally conductive pads used to provide good thermal conductivity, the flexibility of use, and also bring conformability to the battery design and usage.

    Thermally conductive gap fillers are used for the gaps between two or more segments like battery cells and modules. Using thermally conductive gaps fillers provides additional thermal protection. Then we have binding and adhesion requirements to fulfil.

    The manufacturers are favouring high-strength bonding tapes for fastening and replacing traditional usages of metal screws and rivets which are used to make the object heavier and bulkier.

    The modern high-strength bonding tapes are effective as they can bond two different substrates and keep them in place for a long time without running out of the high tack capacity.

    This company is providing all such solutions to their clients in minimum time at the best industry price, having the authorization by 3M makes them invincible and it has enabled them to support huge companies working in data centers and avionics sectors too.

    They have much more than these components they are supported with barrier materials to isolate each cell of the EV battery to keep it away from its neighbouring heated or damaged cell. This can prevent thermal runaway in the EV batteries.

    Working with such other companies from these sectors, they have been able to increase their capacity to support and provide better services to critical processes and they achieved this in quite lesser time than their other counterpart vending companies.

    The battery enhancement material is used to provide the protective layer to the battery, for example, the battery case needs to be sealed properly with the lid on, also the battery case is insulated from within so moisture and air cannot enter to damage the inner lining.

    To provide good support and anti-skidding capability, manufacturers use bumpon and conductive pads. The bumpon can be additional support to provide some additional safety. These are also capable of absorbing vibration which can lead to damage to the other components. The vibration dampening can be done either by using simple silicone bumpons or silicone pads.

    Over the past decade of its operations life, E Control Devices has been part of several auto expos and similar events that showcase the future of technology. They are working towards bringing more technical advancements to India and putting it globally. This is beyond what a company can do apart from earning profit and doing business.

    ECD is filling this gap with its experience and expertise in thermal management solutions for EV batteries.

    ELE Times Research Desk
    ELE Times Research Desk
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