Latest Synchronous Silent Switcher Step Down Regulator deliver a highly efficient solution

    ADI’s Power by Linear LTC7151S, a 20 V, 15 A, a highly-efficient monolithic synchronous buck converter with differential VOUT remote sensing. The LTC7151S uses Silent Switcher 2 technology, including integrated bypass capacitors to deliver a highly efficient solution with excellent EMI performance while easing layout constraints.

    The LTC 7151S is capable of delivering 15A to the load. It uses a phase lockable controlled on-time constant frequency, current mode architecture. PolyPhase operation allows multiple LTC7151S regulators to run out-of-phase, which reduces the amount of input and output capacitors required. The operating supply voltage range is from 3.1V to 20V. The operating frequency is programmable from 400kHz to 3MHz with an external resistor.

    The high frequency capability allows the use of physically smaller inductor and capacitor sizes. For switching noise sensitive applications, the LTC7151S can be externally synchronized from 400kHz to 3MHz. The PHMODE pin allows the user control of the phase of the outgoing clock signal. The unique constant frequency/controlled on-time architecture is ideal for high step-down ratio applications that operate at high frequencies while demanding fast transient response. The LTC7151S uses second generation Silent Switcher 2 technology including integrated bypass capacitors to deliver a highly efficient solution at high frequencies with excellent EMI performance.

     Key Features:

    • Silent Switcher 2 architecture
    • High efficiency : up to 96%
    • Output current : 15 A
    • VINrange : 3.1 V to 20 V
    • Differential VOUTremote sense
    • Adjustable frequency : 400 kHz to 3 MHz

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