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    Latest SDM Modules empowers Retail Industry

    Nowadays, smart displays are rapidly evolving as customers are looking for sleeker and more sophisticated designs. Displays are getting ever less bulky, with virtually unnoticeable bezels and ultra-thin profiles. Applications such as magic mirrors and rotating screens are putting pressure on designers and system integrators to evolve with the “thin is in” trend and reduce the size of the media players driving these displays.

    At the same time, digital transformation is riding the next wave of innovation in the retail industry. Since e-commerce space with even the most sophisticated technology cannot deliver the visual and sensory experience of shopping in physical stores, retailers are exploring ways to optimize this in-store experience by enabling innovative technologies like Smart Shelves technology.

    Introduction of Intel SDM

    To help designers and system integrators balance the various requirements of modern displays and to bring standardization to the fragmented media player market, Intel developed the Intel Smart Display Module (Intel SDM) specification.

    Giada SDM Modules

    Giada, as a reference design partner of Intel SDM, offers the SDM-Z8350, an Intel SDM-S module, and SDM-7300U, an Intel SDM-L module. Giada SDM-Z8350 features Intel Atom Cherrytrail Z8350 CPU and up to 4 GB onboard memory. It is equipped with a 32G eMMC and can support Windows, Linux and Android 5.1.

    Giada SDM-7300U adopts Intel Core i5-7300U/7200U CPU and supports up to 32GB DDR4 memory. The module, offering an HDMI port, can display video and images with 4k resolution.

    Effects on Ecosystem of Giada SDM Products

    The release of Giada SDM Products will have a significant impact on the digital signage ecosystem. Tier I brand display manufactures can integrate Giada SDM modules into general AIO displays and put them on the market in large quantities in short time. Industry display suppliers can also cooperate with Giada to customize AIO displays to empower multiple vertical markets such as retail, education, medical, transportation and more. Furthermore, the launch of SDM modules enables SI to provide integrated solutions for vertical industry applications by deep cooperation with Giada.

    Intel SDM and OPS

    Intel SDM delivers the same level of intelligence and interoperability as the Open Pluggable Specification, but in smaller form factor yet that eliminates the housing and advances the thinnest integrated displays. The adoption of SDM specification and reference design introduced by Intel enable an increasing number of display manufacturers to provide AIO solutions for customers, and their influence in the digital signage ecosystem is also increasing.

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