First ESD Protection with Filtering and Control Line Against Bad HDMI Cables

    Our integrated solutions for HDMI ports against electrostatic discharge protection (ESD), common mode filtering and control line functions are so popular, you can find them in TVs, game consoles, multimedia boxes, and many other large-scale applications. They offer a better experience by allowing the use of longer and less expensive cables, without a loss of functionality or image quality. Our latest HDMI2C2-5F2HDMI2C4-5F2 and the ECMF4-2450A60N10 provide unique optimized integration.

    The HDMI2C4-5F2 protects the source’s (the signal transmitter, such as a video player) control line, which communicates specific information to the sink (the signal receiver, like a TV, among others) such as the video’s refresh rate, through an I2C protocol. The HDMI2C2-5F2 has a similar role but protects the sink. Finally, the ECMF4-2450A60N10 guards the Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS lanes) or Fixed Rate Links (FRL), which transport video data.

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