Latest in Video Surveillance Systems

Matrix Smart Video Surveillance solutions enhance your security strategy and business productivity.

Along with its 3 Dimensional security – Proficient, Persistent and Preventive, Matrix offers analytics driven cognitive Video Surveillance. Matrix SATATYA – a family of Video Surveillance solutions is specifically engineered for large organizations to address their enterprise grade applications.

The solution includes an enterprise Video Management Software, Network Video Recorders and IP cameras. Considering the need of today’s globalized organizations, the entire Matrix solution focuses on four major aspects, which are preventive security, centralized control with ease of management, storage space optimization and efficient bandwidth utilization. Moreover, Matrix solutions can seamlessly integrate multiple locations to provide centralized management.

Matrix provides solutions that grow with your business. Its software powered video surveillance system gives the scalability that every enterprise needs while expanding its footprints across the globe. And the best part is, all these solutions are designed and manufactured in India

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