Latest Encapsulation resins, thermal management products to be showcased at India Electronics Week 2019

    Electro-chemicals and circuit protection specialist, Electrolube are returning to India Electronics Week 2019 to showcase new encapsulation resins, thermal management products and conformal coatings on their booth (I32) Bengaluru, India, February 26-28, 2019.

    India’s Electronics Week is an important platform for global companies such as Electrolube, facilitating a presentation of their production technologies to India’s buoyant, fast growing electronics manufacturing segment.

    Using key local knowledge, Electrolube’s Indian team has embarked on the development of the innovative new encapsulation resins, leveraging group technical support, and two of these will form part of the company’s exhibit at this year’s event. Indeed, the Indian team have identified local customers’ requirements in terms of budgetary restraints and production methodologies, and created solutions to fit the brief.

    The first of these, ER6003 is a two-part, thermally conductive epoxy encapsulation resin that is ideal for motor winding applications, cable gland potting and encapsulation of LED driver units. Developed as a strong competitor to existing epoxy resins, ER6003 is both cost effective and locally manufactured, available on short lead times. Good flow characteristics enable potting of difficult and complex geometries and the temperature range is -40 to +1600C (up to +1800C for short excursions of up to 30 minutes).

    The second of the encapsulation resins is a silicone modified epoxy resin ER6007, a repairable black resin mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio. The special characteristics of this encapsulation compound determine its suitability for LED drivers, power surge protection devices and power supplies. The temperature range is -40 to +1800C (up to +2000C for short excursions of up to 30 minutes) and the thermal conductivity level is 0.66 W/m.K.

    The final two silicone encapsulation resins for launch at IEW are SC4003FD and SC4004FD respectively, highly suited for automotive and power supply applications. SC4003FD has a temperature range of -60 to +2000C (up to +2200C for short excursions of up to 30 minutes) and meets UL94 V-0. SC4004FD has a high level of thermal conductivity (1.0 W/m.K) enabling efficient heat dissipation and is suitable for wide temperature range – up to +2200C for short excursions of up to 30 minutes. Both silicone products feature user friendly 1:1 ratios with the added benefit of fast cure mechanisms at room temperature.

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