KUSUM MECO presents latest range for test and measuremnt


100A Leakage AC Clamp– On Meter Model-KM 2007

“KUSAM-MECO” Introduces a New 100A Leakage AC Clamp– On Meter Model-KM 2007. It can measure upto 100A AC Current in 4 ranges 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 100A (50-60Hz) with ±1.5% +2 digit accuracy & AC Voltage upto 600V with ±1.5% +5 digit accuracy & the Resistance measuring range is 400W with ±1.2% +3 digit accuracy. It has 3 ¾ digit LCD display with maximum 4000 reading.

In this meter over load protection for Current is 1A, 10A, 100A, 500A respectively & for Voltage DC 600V/AC 600V rms. It also has functions like Peak Hold, Continuity Test with buzzer sound. It has low Pass Filter function. The sampling Speed is 2.5 times per second. It meets IEC 1010-1 & IEC 1010-1-32 CAT III 600V Safety Standard. A Special feature of the meter is the Low Pass filter.

 It has a high frequency selector switch: This switch is designed to select “WIDE” or “50/60Hz” range. “WIDE” range covers a wide frequency band of 40Hz to 1KHz. AC current having a fundamental waveform and harmonics can be measured over this range. ”50/60Hz” is restricted to a frequency response of 40Hz to 100Hz and therefore permits measurement of AC current of fundamental frequency only by filtering harmonic content.

This meters operates on 9V battery with 200 hours Battery life. It’s dimension is 250(L) x 85(W) x 35(H) mm & weight about 342 g (including battery). This meter is supplied with User’s manual, Carring Case, Test lead & Battery.

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