KPIT Sparkle 2018: Registration Opens for Fourth National Innovation and Design Contest

  • Invites science and engineering students across India to develop innovative solutions for the energy and transportation sectors
  • To honor the winners with a grand total cash prize of Rs. 21 lakh

KPIT, a global technology company specializing in product engineering and IT consulting, announced the launch of the fourth edition of its annual national design and development innovation contest, KPIT Sparkle 2018.  Engineering and science colleges across India are invited to develop next-generation solutions that help the energy and transportation sectors to address the challenges of building products that are greener, safer and provide user-convenience.

The submitted ideas should use in combination, or in isolation application of any of the following technologies, but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence based on concepts such as deep learning and machine learning etc.
  • Cyber Security including technologies that prevent connected vehicles from cyber-crimes, for instance
  • New materials or cutting-edge material that is cost-efficient, energy-proficient and environmentally friendly. These include nanotechnology, renewable battery technologies, materials used in solar panels for improving the energy density, or materials used for generating electricity from bio-waste, etc.

Participants shortlisted from the pre-qualification stage will be invited to build and present working prototypes of their solutions at a grand exhibition to be held at the Deccan College Ground in Pune in January 2018.

Winners will be awarded a grand total cash prize of Rs. 21 lakh. In addition, any finalist with the exceptionally impactful idea would be provided with incubation opportunities at KPIT.

Ravi Pandit, Co-founder, Chairman & Group CEO, KPIT said: “The energy and transportation industries are in the midst of colossal shifts driven by industrialization, rural-urban migration and policy reforms aimed at improving the country’s carbon footprint. Through KPIT Sparkle we continue to harness innovation in the youth, and promote indigenous designing for the growth and sustenance of the two critical sectors.”

The last date for registration and submission of form and documents for the pre-qualification round is 31st August 2017. Application details and further information on KPIT Sparkle is available on

In 2017, KPIT Sparkle received over 1500 entries on themes such as smart cities, energy, urban mobility, and autonomous vehicles from over 10,000 students across 329 colleges in India.

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