Avnet to be Silego’s Sole Demand Creation Distributor

Avnet, a leading global technology distributor, and Silego Technology on May 22, 2017, announced a new exclusive global distribution channel agreement. Effective immediately, Avnet will be Silego’s only global distributor and will serve as Silego’s sole demand creation distributor in the Americas and Europe. Avnet will also bolster Silego’s current regional distributor network in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Silego pioneered the development of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs), using nonvolatile memory to configure and integrate analog, digital logic and power functions, enabling design engineers to reduce power, cost, size and time to market. Since the introduction of the CMIC technology, Silego has developed five generations of CMIC silicon and design tools and sold over 2.7 billion units.

“The phenomenal demand for devices like smartphones, tablets, wearables and IoT-enabled solutions has compounded designers’ long-standing mandate for ‘smaller, faster, cheaper,’” said Lynn Torrel, senior vice president, semiconductor business development worldwide for Avnet. “Silego’s unique CMIC GreenPAK platform and Integrated Power Switch (IPS) portfolio provide designers with new levels of configurability, power and performance that can significantly accelerate and optimize the development of truly differentiated devices and systems. We appreciate the trust Silego has demonstrated in Avnet with this exclusive agreement and are looking forward to a long and prosperous collaboration.”

“Silego not only created the world’s first family of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs, but also enabled a paradigm shift for designers,” said John Teegen, chief executive officer, Silego. “This global and exclusive agreement enables us to leverage Avnet’s formidable field application engineering and prototyping resources to bring these benefits to many more customers.”

Commenting on the new agreement, Semico Research Principal Analyst for ASIC and SoC Rich Wawrzyniak, who had previously described Silego as “one of the best kept secrets in Silicon Valley,” remarked, “A global partnership with Avnet will certainly take away any secrecy about Silego and will provide the many benefits of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs to the market at large.”

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