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    Keysight Technologies upbeat on Indian Defence, Aerospace Testing Market

    Keysight Technologies, the Santa Rosa, California-based producer of test and measurements products, is upbeat on the country’s rapidly growing aerospace and defence sectors and is eyeing the entire testing space in a solutions-based approach.

    Interacting with BusinessLine, Sudhr Tangri, Country General Manager and Vice President, and Sandeep Kapoor, Country Head, Marketing and Business Development, said the defence and aerospace market is set to rapidly grow as the country pushes for the Make-in-India programme. “As a company, we have been known for our testing products, services and solutions. Now we are seeking to provide end-to-end solutions based approach right from design, development, and testing.”

    Tangri said on the sidelines of Aerospace & Defence event, the company hosted with its business associates and customers.

    With a presence of over three decades in India, the $2.9 billion in revenue company sees defence and space as two big opportunities.

    “With a large number of defence and space establishments in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, we have been engaged with a number of organisations and agencies working with them right from early stages of product development right through its completion,” Kapoor said.

    “We believe India is poised for a rapid growth and the market or defence and space will only get bigger by each passing year.

    Typically, defence and space related engagements are long terms and the product development cycle also takes few years.

    This presents a major opportunity for a solutions company to work on such engagements,” Tangri said.

    With a big research and development centre in Manesar which has more than 700 associates, sales offices in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and over a dozen channel partners, the company is consolidating its India presence.

    Within the defence and space segments, a number of private companies have been offering technology, solutions and products.

    And all of them need to conform to standards where testing becomes a key component, Tangri said.

    The nature and scope of engagements are also getting bigger covering not just defence, but also surveillance, intelligence and signalling.

    In addition to defence and aerospace, communications testing is one big opportunity.

    With a number of manufacturers taking to manufacture of mobile phones, the opportunity for testing in electronics and communications too is set to get bigger, Kapoor explained.

    Quoting reports, Kapoor said defence electronic is projected to be a $72 billion industry by the year 2029, which will provide immense opportunities for testing and measurement.

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