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    Journey towards Sustainability Explored at India-Russia Virtual Roundtable on ESG

    Experts Discuss Government Initiatives and Progress Towards Sustainability Goals at India-Russia Roundtable.

    The Indian ESG Network, in collaboration with Gazprombank and Druzhba Dosti Forum on the platform of the Ecumene Discussion Club, successfully hosted the India-Russia Virtual Roundtable on ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), a transformative event that drew a number of industry pioneers, leading experts, and sustainability enthusiasts from both India and Russia.

    The event marked a significant milestone in the global movement towards sustainability, focusing on the journey of companies towards sustainability, sustainability solutions, and key regulatory and reporting requirements. The inaugural note was delivered by Mr Vikrant Abrol, Founder of the Indian ESG Network, followed by opening remarks from Mr. Mikhail Glazachev, Counsellor Finance, Russian Embassy, and Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Russian Federation and Ekaterina Salugina-Sorokovaya, First Vice-President, Gazprombank (JSC).

    CEO of ASDC, Mr. Arindam Lahiri, shares insights on empowering MSMEs for Sustainable Development, He said, “It’s time for big auto manufacturers to pave the way towards greening the supply chain. Through awareness, tech support, and resources, they can guide MSMEs towards a greener future. A future where government and corporations work hand in hand for transformative change”.

    The discussions, moderated by Dr Anjal Prakash, Research Director at Bharti Institute of Public Policy, ISB, and Mr. Evgeniy Khilinskiy, Vice President, and Head of Sustainable Development Hub, Gazprombank JSC, ranged from the sustainability journeys of India and Russia, the steps that governments and regulators have taken in both countries, to how companies in these nations have progressed towards achieving sustainability goals.

    Experts discussed the sustainability in Russia and India, the significant steps taken by their respective governments and regulators, and the impact of the forthcoming tightening of supply chain regulations. Discussions also extended to the progress made by companies in both countries towards achieving sustainability, their investment expectations, and strategies and initiatives implemented to achieve sustainability goals.

    Though all speakers shared many insights and graced the roundtable with their knowledge and experience, to name a few were Mr Dinesh Agrawal, Principal Consultant with Consocia Advisory; Mr Sanjay Gupta, Past President, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Mr Arindam Lahiri, Chief Executive Officer ASDC, Ms Elena Myakotnikova, Head of Climate and Carbon Regulation at SIBUR; and Ms Kristina Popilyuk, Head of the department of Sustainable Development, Novatek.

    Speakers shared success stories on sustainable solutions implemented in the energy, water, and waste management sectors, emphasising the savings or efficiency achieved and how they monitor and report on these efficiencies. The roundtable also touched upon the preparedness of Russian companies for the forthcoming tightening of supply chain regulations in India and the future of sustainability in Indian SMEs.

    The roundtable was an enlightening experience, fostering a spirit of mutual understanding and learning and leaving participants richer in knowledge and insights. The discussions underlined the importance of continued collaboration between India and Russia in the critical field of ESG.

    Mr. Vikrant Abrol, Founder of the Indian ESG Network, said, “This roundtable was a platform for thought leaders from India and Russia to share insights, address challenges, and explore opportunities in the ESG space. We look forward to working with the Russian and Indian corporate and sustainability leaders and assisting in whatever way possible to create a beautiful planet that we can proudly hand over to our coming generations. We are thrilled by the active participation and the insights shared, and we hope to continue to facilitate such meaningful conversations in the future.”

    This roundtable provided a unique opportunity for attendees to connect, learn, and contribute towards a more sustainable future. Ekaterina Salugina Sorokovaya, First Vice President Bank GBP (JSC) and CA Puneeta Puri, Executive Director of Indian ESG Network express their gratitude to all participants and look forward to continuing their collaborative efforts towards promoting responsible business practises.

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