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    IoT Store 2019: Latest upcoming trends

    Beyond different technologies which have to come across, the 2019 IoT Store has a bunch of latest trends one can probably count on. Many consumer-level applications like making our homes and appliances smarter and more efficient than ever, a wide variety of industries would be rolling out their own services, standards and tools for leveraging the IoT. Here is a list of the some upcoming IoT applications with an acceptance to some of the likeliest growing pains.

    1. Higher Spending on Security:

    Security in the connected devices has always been a major concern with the technologists. Due to severe malicious attacks, there has been a danger of locked privacy till date, but several companies are willing to raise their spending on cybersecurity efforts. When surveyed, 84 percent of senior decision-makers from a variety of companies indicated plans for higher spending in 2019 than 2018 for cybersecurity efforts.

    1. Big Data and IoT would be a Helping Hand to the Healthcare:

    One of the most effective ways to put IoT on work would be the timely and accurate administration of healthcare. In 2019, approximately 87 percent of the organizations within the healthcare industry will have adopted IoT devices in some capacity. The benefits of the same include RFID-powered asset tracking for expensive medical equipment, more ways for patients and doctors to exchange Electronic Health Records, smarter medication dispensers and other devices for home use, more advanced fitness-aware health wearables and much more. 

    1. Urban Planning for Smart Cities:

    2019 is the year of concept of smarter urban planning. Using a single neighborhood as a pilot program, Google is working with Toronto to incorporate sensors throughout all of the common areas. The idea is to collect information about pedestrian and vehicle traffic, rates of use for public transportation and carpooling, the occupancy of and traffic around buildings and businesses, and trends in climate and temperature.

    1. IoT Automotive Applications and Autonomous Cars:

     The automotive industry is a major companion to the urban planning’s IoT ambitions. 2019 will witness broader efforts to bring autonomous vehicle testing to streets across the world.

    1. IoT for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management:

     There would be considerably more adoption of manufacturing and supply chain management by IoT in 2019. In fact, the opportunities to put data to work in vast and vital industries like these is a big part of why the total IoT-generated value could top $14.4 trillion by 2022.

    IoT would be a powerhouse for all major sectors in 2019. The development of thoughtful new ways to put the concept of the IoT to work is definitely a story worth following in the coming year, as is the unfolding international drama behind 5G technology, which could help power the whole thing. Together, the IoT and 5G could bring about a whole new era in global connectivity.




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