IoT India-2018: Shaping the Future of Smart Manufacturing

The IoT India 2018 was held on December 04, 2018 at The Ashok, Delhi. IoT India 2018 highlights the key areas critical to the development and the future growth of IoT adoption in Smart Manufacturing. It’s Co-located with Xelerate India; a platform to foster and bolster the potential of Indian Start-up ecosystem.

Chief Guest Sanjay Chavre Senior Development Officer, Dept of Heavy industries and Aloysius Arlando, CEO, SingEx Holdings inaugurated the expo.

Alongside exhibition SingEx India also organized a two-day IoT India conference focusing on the theme shaping the future of Smart Manufacturing. At this iconic event, attendees heard from prominent speakers from RPG Enterprise, Rockwell, BnR, SAP, Mitsubishi, PTC, Microsoft, TATA Steel to name a few talking about shaping the future of Smart Manufacturing using IoT.

IoT and Xelerate India presented participants the rare opportunity to exchange insights, collaboration and discover new synergies in areas such as R&D and technology innovation on the floor. IoT India 2018 also featured a series of exciting events including Business Matching, Demo Zone, Experience Zone, and Networking Reception.

Baldeep Singh Pahwa, Country Head, SingEx India, said, “while echoing the positive Industry response, said, “Manufacturing automation will lead to faster and more efficient production processes, increased efficiency, and reduction of complexity and downtime. As Industry 4.0 moves from vision to reality, it’s evident that no single player can do it alone. Only with open cooperation and idea exchanges will I4.0 concepts find their way into practical implementations. It is with this thought in mind that we set out to form a collaborative environment between suppliers and manufacturers at IoT India 2018”

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