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    Introducing the Latest Innovation in High-Power Common-Mode Chokes for On-Board Chargers in Electric Vehicles.

    PREMO releases its newest products, the 4CMCN065R0-16H, and 4CMCN065R0-32H, 4-Phases high-power common-mode chokes designed for EMC noise filtering in on-board chargers of up to 22Kw in electric vehicles. These automotive-grade chokes are compact in size (< 5.8 cm3) and got high efficiency (>98.5%), making them the ideal solution for electric vehicle manufacturers looking to optimize their charging systems.

    The 4CMCN065R0-16H and 4CMCN065R0-32H chokes feature a unique design that allows for effective filtering of high-frequency noise in power lines, while also reducing electromagnetic interference. Their high efficiency makes them perfect for use in electric vehicles, where space and energy efficiency are critical. The 4CMCN065R0-16H choke is capable of handling up to 16A of current, while the 4CMCN065R0-32H choke can handle up to 32A, making them both highly versatile and ideal for use in a variety of electric vehicle charging applications. In addition to their compact size and high efficiency, these chokes also feature a range of other benefits that make them stand out from other common-mode chokes on the market.

    common mode choke impedance vs frequency premo.

    These include:

    • High-temperature stability: The chokes are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme conditions.
    • Low profile, just 32mm: The chokes are designed with a low profile, making them easy to integrate into existing systems and reducing the overall size of the charging system.
    • High reliability: The chokes are designed to meet strict automotive AECQ200 industry standards for reliability, ensuring that they will perform consistently over time.

    We believe that the 4CMCN065R0-16H and 4CMCN065R0-32H chokes represent a significant step forward in the development of on-board chargers for electric vehicles. Their compact size, high efficiency, and versatile design with potential customization make them a valuable addition to any electric vehicle manufacturer’s product lineup. The designs are developed for maximum thermal coupling of core and copper with thermal interface materials like CoolMag.

    While it is known that toroids are the optimum shapes for magnetic designs, with shortest magnetic path and minimum core volume, so far, they were very complex and capital intensive to automate mass production. PREMO has developed a fully automatic manufacturing processfor this kind of common mode chokes, with a 100% automatic full winding process. The current production, deployed in Vietnam plants is fully automated by using collaborative robots from PREMO Robotics. Due to this high automatization level, the high-volume demand coming from electric and hybrid vehicles is secured with top-notch quality levels.

    Quality control by deep learning processes and machine vision based on convolutional neural networks make industrial AI the key to high-reliability quality production.

    Premo is committed with SDG’s (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and designs, engineers, prototypes, and tests full reliability at its green carbon net positive Innovation Center. CMC products are thus engineered under sustainability standards that design for the circular economy, considering 0km materials of natural origins, using green energy, and minimizing the content of polymers from fossil fuels as well as recycled ferrites and copper.

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