Intrinsically Safe True RMS Digital Multimeter with PC Interface Model – KM 822sEX

    KUSAM-MECO have introduced for the first time a new Intrinsically safe True RMS Digital Multimeter with PC Interface Model KM 822sEX. It has high transient protection of 12 KV (1.2/50mS) lightning surge. It has a 4 digit 10,000 counts large easy to read, backlight Dual display. EX marking on meter i.e. Ex ib I Mb, Ex ib IIC Gb, SAEx MS/09-291X, Ex ib falls under Zone 1 which is an area where flammable gas can occur in normal operating conditions.

    The measuring functions includes:

    DC/AC Voltage :60mV ~ 1000V; DC/AC Current : 600micro A ~ 10A;

    Resistance : 0.1Ohm ~ 60MOhms; Frequency : 5Hz ~ 1MHz

    Capacitance : 60nF ~ 20mF. It also has Diode, Continuity, Duty Cycle Function.

    In addition, it features Splash/Drop Proof, Intrinsically Safe, Beep-Jack Audible & Visible Input Warning, Relative Zero Mode, Data Hold, Ex rating-Ex ib I/IIC T6. It has (optional) PC interface for downloading the data to a computer via USB cable & Software.

    These meters comply with IEC SANS 600790:2000 & IEC SANS 60079-11:1999, which is for Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 0 (general requirements) & part 1 (intrinsic). The approved explosive protection rating of this equipment is suitable for use in Zone1 hazardous area. Group I (coal mines) underground & Group II (surface).

    Safety: It has Double insulation per IEC61010-1 2nd Ed., EN61010-1 2nd Ed., UL61010-1 2nd Ed. & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010.1-0.92 to Category IV 1000Vac & Vdc. For Voltage, Ampere, Milli Ampere & Micro Ampere ranges, the safety category is IV1000Vac & Vdc. It has Fuse protection for micro Ampere & milliAmpere 0.44A/1000Vac &Vdc, IR10kA or better, F Fuse. For Ampere ranges, the fuse protection is 11A/1000Vac & Vdc, IR20kA or better, F Fuse. For Voltage range, fuse protection is 1050Vrms, 1450Vpeak. Milli Volts, Ohms & others fuse protection is 600Vdc & Vac rms.

    It features a rugged fire-retardant casing, Protective Holster with probe holder & Tilt Stand. It is powered by one 9V battery no. NEDA 1604G, IEC6F22. Standard Accessories supplied are User Manual, Battery, Test lead & Carrying case. PC Software is optional.

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