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    Intelligent Technologies from onsemi Power Every Node in Ramaxel’s Next Generation Servers

    High reliability, high-efficiency multiphase controllers, smart power stages, and point-of-load regulators provide a complete portfolio to power the entire cloud to edge infrastructure

    Ramaxel, a leading supplier of server, storage, and design service solutions, has selected intelligent cloud power technologies from onsemi. Power requirements are increasing in each successive processor generation. With their broad portfolio of high-performance, high-reliability cloud power solutions, onsemi is well-positioned to deliver on such requirements.

    “As an emerging leader in the fast-growing cloud market, we must have confidence in our suppliers. onsemi has become a strategic partner for us due to their superior quality, innovation, efficiency, technical support, and supply capabilities that enabled us to streamline our development process and prepare for high volume production,” commented AB Wang, Ramaxel senior vice president of the Server Business Unit and Storage/Flash Development.

    Ramaxel’s latest family of servers will be powered by the recently released FD3501 digital multiphase controller featuring superior transient response, programmability, and ease of use. This controller, in combination with smart power stages, point-of-load regulators, and e-Fuse technologies from onsemi, delivers industry-leading energy efficiency, performance, and reliability.

    “onsemi has over 20 years of experience in the design and high-volume production of multiphase controllers,” said Robert Tong, vice president of the Mobile, Computing and Cloud Division at onsemi. “The release of the FD3501 digital multiphase controller extends our portfolio to the latest generation of cloud server systems based on Intel’s VR13.HC platform and solidifies the company as a total solution supplier.”

    Ding Wang, Ramaxel vice president of Server Development and Corporate R&D further stated, “onsemi fully enabled our VR13.HC platform development and we are confident they will provide Ramaxel with best-in-class technologies for our next generation VR14 server platform development.”

    In addition to the FD3501, onsemi will soon release 8-phase and 12-phase digital multiphase controllers to support Intel’s VR14 server platform. The company’s innovation continues to drive the evolution of cloud computing by delivering intelligent, high-efficiency technologies to power the entire cloud-to-edge infrastructure.

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