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    Instrument-grade torque sensors installed by UK motor company

    Devon-based Ashwoods Electric Motors has chosen torque sensors from Isle-of-Wight-based Datum for its suite of automated dynamometers, which Ashwoods designed in-house.

    “The team wanted a relatively small torque sensor that could fit into their existing dynamometers to ensure the electric motor operate at optimal efficiency,” claimed Datum.

    Chosen was the M425 sensor, which has a wide-enough operation range to remove the need to switch the torque transducer for different size motors, and outputs torque, power, and rotational speeds in real time.

    The instrument grade sensor offers up to 24 bit resolution and can operate over 1-4,000 sample/s. RPM measurement is base on 30pulse/revolution.

    M425 torque sensor at a glance:

    • Accuracy 0.1%
    • Non-linearity 0.1%
    • Repeatability 0.05%
    • 1 to 4,000sample/s
    • Digital torque out: Rs485, RS232, Ethernet, Modbus UPD, USB Logging
    • Analogue torque out: 4-20mA, +/-10Vdc, +/-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc
    • Operation over -10 to +70˚C
    • IP54 (‘high-speed RS425’ torque sensor for IP67/68)
    • Power: 10-24Vdc 250mA

    Growing from a one-person company in 2006, Ashwoods now has a range of interior permanent magnet motors (including 10 and 20kW), permanent magnet axial flux motors (10kW to 60kW) and inverters.

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