Infineon releases new, enhanced features and capabilities to accelerate embedded development in ModusToolbox 3.1

    As software becomes a critical feature in the variety of embedded solutions in today’s products, embedded developers must have the right software tools to bring these products to market. This includes development tools that provide flexibility and the best platform with features and capabilities that extend from the “getting started” phase to the deployment on final hardware. Infineon Technologies AG announced the release of ModusToolbox 3.1 with enhanced capabilities giving developers more features at their fingertips to develop software solutions for their hardware designs.

    Infineon’s ModusToolbox 3.1 adds a new dashboard application that serves as a central “getting started” resource with links to key documentation, training modules, video tutorials and relevant community forums. The dashboard provides a guided workflow for creating a new embedded project for various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), including Microsoft Visual Studio Code, IAR Embedded Workbench, Arm MDK (µVision IDE), or Eclipse IDE as part of ModusToolbox. The BSP Assistant, which has been significantly updated in the latest version, includes a new user interface for creating a board support package (BSP) using a device-centric flow. The latest version continues to support reference BSP from Infineon’s library of development boards.

    “Learning a new development tool can seem like a challenging task,” said Clark Jarvis, Software and Tools Technical Marketer of Infineon. “Infineon’s ModusToolbox now includes a robust dashboard that gives developers key resources to make getting started easier than before. Even more, there are significant enhancements in the way the tools support development on final customer hardware using the BSP Assistant. This allows ModusToolbox to support the developer from start to finish.”

    Infineon’s ModusToolbox software is a comprehensive suite of development tools and embedded run-time assets that provide a flexible and efficient development environment. It supports a seamless transition from the evaluation and prototyping phase using Infineon development kits, to the creation of a custom BSP through the edit-compile-debug cycle of application development and, finally, on to final product deployment.

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