Indo-Taiwan Firms sign MoUs to Deepen Industrial Collaboration

    Indian and Taiwanese companies signed MoUs to tap the growing opportunities for business and industrial collaboration in India.

    The MoUs were signed in the presence of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Secretary, Ramesh Abhishek and Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Ms Mei-Hua Wang, at the 2nd India-Taiwan Industrial Collaboration Summit.On Wednesday, at the 2nd India-Taiwan Industrial Collaboration Summit, Indian and Taiwanese companies signed MoUs to further strengthen the ongoing industrial collaboration between the two countries.

    Speaking on the occasion, Abhishek and Taiwanese Vice Minister, Ms Mei-Hua Wang, spoke of the need to tap the growing opportunities for business and industrial collaboration in India.

    Taiwan’s excellence in electronics and smart phone manufacture and India’s talent and skills, conducive business environment and liberal investment policies provide the right opportunity for collaboration, he viewed.

    The summit was also addressed by the Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC), Mr Tien Chung-Kwang; Vice Chairman of Indian Affairs Committee, CNFI, Mr Feng-Tzu Tsai; FICCI Electronics & White Goods Manufacturing Committee Chair, Mr Som Mittal and Co-Chair of the FICCI Committee & President and CEO, Panasonic India,  Manish Sharma. The organisations and the signatories to the MoUs are:

    • National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE)-Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), signed by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director General, NISE, India and Dr. Tzeng-Yow, Lin, Director of CMS, ITRI, Taiwan.
    • South India Tanner & Dealers Association and Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association (TEMA) by Mr. C.M Zafarullah, Secretary, South India Tanner & Dealers Association, India & Mr. Keng-Tsuan, Kao, Chairman, TEMA, Taiwan.
    • Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) by Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI, India & Dr. Jason C.S. Hsu, Director, ITRI, Taiwan.
    • Indian Leather Industry Foundation (ILIFO)-Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) by Dr. Renuka Ramakrishnan, Project Manager, ILIFO, India & Dr. Jer-Young, Chen,  Deputy General Director, ITRI, Taiwan.
    • Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company (TWIC) and ITRI by Mr. K. Ashok Natarajan, CEO, TWIC, India &  Dr. Jer-Young, Chen,  Deputy General Director, ITRI, Taiwan.
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