India Security Forces will Soon get DRDO’s Anti-drone Technology

    Given the increasing threat of drone attacks in the country, the Defence Ministry is seriously considering to buy anti-drone technology from abroad as well as taking indigenously manufactured technology. Sources say that soon a proposal can be sent to the Defense Acquisition Council for the purchase of DRDO’s technology in this context. Let us inform you that DRDO has developed anti-drone technology, which has also been used in VIP security on several occasions which has been confirmed by the sources.

    After the drone attack on the Jammu Air Force station some time back, efforts have intensified to acquire anti-drone technology from the three armies, central security forces, and state police agencies. Efforts are also underway for the military to buy Israel’s anti-drone technology, which consists of a device that can be fitted onto a rifle and aimed at flying drones.

    DRDO’s technology
    DRDO’s anti-drone technology is far more effective. Through this, the frequency of the drone can be jammed within a radius of three to four kilometers and it can be destroyed by attacking with a laser weapon. It was also deployed in the security of the Red Fort on August 15 last year. Recently the Andhra Pradesh government has decided to deploy it in Tirumala temple.

    DRDO gave a presentation
    According to sources, in the meantime, presentations of anti-drone technology have been given to the Indian army and security forces by DRDO in several phases. It is reported that positive feedback has been received from the armed forces. Hence this technology can be procured for deployment in some sensitive locations.

    Built-in partnership with our sources if the security has decided to purchase anti-drone technology of DRDO, its creation of strategic partnerships may be supported by the private sector. and this will make it possible to manufacture a large number of Anti-drones in less time.

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