India Defence Electronics and System Design Policy – Policy Recommendations 2016-2030

    The report highlights the opportunity from India’s Aerospace & Defence industry (USD 70-72 billion by 2030), incl. analysis of defence electronics. The core focus on this report is on policy recommendations across six major issues – visibility, structural, policy, industrial, program award, DPSU related.

    India is the 7th largest Aerospace and Defence (A&D) market globally. The budget is sizeable and spread across requirements of Army, Navy and Airforce. India has needs to modernize its A&D capital equipment base by addressing obsolescence as well as build additional capability through new capital acquisition. This requirement is also supplemented by additional budgetary allocations of the Ministry of Home Affairs for paramilitaries and of states on State police force requirements. All of this results in India being substantially attractive as an A&D market.

    The opportunity for electronics in India stems across both stand-alone systems as well as at a subsystem level for other systems. The author’s estimate the total market opportunity for A&D electronics for India to ranges from USD 70-72bn in next 10-12 years. Of this almost USD 5354Bn emenates from electronics spend as part of platforms (ie at Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels). Another USD 17-18 Bn of demand emenates from projects which are traditionally called system-of-system projects like Indian Army’s Project TCS, BMS etc; While the above market projections provide visibility of next 10-12 years, there could be additional upside with additional programmes being announced in the interim.

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