IESA Vision Summit 2017, Makeathon sparks unique digital creation

    IESA Vision Summit 2017 Makeathon (contest) celebrated ideas that are transforming manufacturing, mobility and technology.  Twenty two teams participated in the 36 hours Makeathon, at the 12th edition of Vision Summit. IESA encouraged technologists, students and start-ups to come and create cutting edge technology around the theme of Driving Innovation in Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Industrial IoT (IIoT).

    The Makeathon winning team, was awarded a cheque of ₹ 1,00,000 by Sh. Priyank Kharge, Hon’ble Minister of IT & BT and Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka and Ujjwal Munjal, Founder of Hero Electronix at the concluding ceremony of the two day Summit.

    Winner: The Machinists – prototyped a Smart Industrial-Failure-Detection System, combining technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

    1st Runner up: VR Roover – creating an immersive experience of the VR Rescue bot, used for inaccessible places during disaster recovery[AS(1]

    2nd Runner up: Dev Inc. – creating an Intelligent Helmet for Bikers using AR & IoT, for run time navigation

    Special mention: VirtualistsSolving Tourism Issues of traveling safely & efficiently around India and improving tourists experience and increasing revenues[AS(2]

    The winning team are students from SRM University, Bangalore who created a system that collects vital machine sensor data like temperature, humidity, moisture and sends all this data to the cloud, allowing easy access from anywhere. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to analyse this data to estimate and predict multiple kinds of failure in the machine. A message is sent to the supervisor in case any incoming failure is predicted. The team also created an augmented reality mobile phone app that augments the data and overlays it when pointed at the machine to provide an immersive experience and allows for quick detection and repair.

    Congratulating the winners, Mr. K Krishna Moorthy, Chairman, IESA commented “Fostering the spirit of edu-preneurship among the youth we wanted to create a platform where solutions can be developed to positively impact our lives. We have seen a tremendous participation at this year’s Makeathon, with showcase of some ingenious creations. IESA values new talent and we hope through such initiatives we can help in inspiring and providing more opportunities for the next gen of leaders.”

    Elated with the win, Swaroop Belur, The Machinists commented, “We are delighted to have won a Makeathon of this scale. Our goal was to create a prototype of a system that can detect faults in a machine and notify the system administrator for troubleshooting. We have used advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality to create this prototype.

    We hope to deploy this system once it is industry ready as it can be very useful in the ESDM sector for failure detection. We would also like to thank IESA for providing us with a platform such as Vision Summit to set our plans into motion. This was one of the best organised hackathons and we are happy to have been a part of it.”. The team comprised of Aakash Jain and Suresh Kumar as well.

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