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    IESA Semiconductor Fabless Startup Report Unveiled at Vision Summit 2018

    The report on global semiconductor industry launched at the 13th edition of IESA’s Vision Summit also analyzed:

    – Fabless ecosystem and emerging trends in the Indian semiconductor industry

    – Potential of Indian fabless players in the semiconductor ecosystem and current pain points in the industry and provide possible solutions

    – Role of governments and opportunities for private players and compare the policies for critical success factors in foreign countries

    – Technological challenges in India and the potential of fabless semiconductor start-ups to bring better technologies

    India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the premier trade body, representing the Indian electronic system design and manufacturing space in collaboration with MarketsAndMarkets launched an industry report on – Indian semiconductor fabless startup ecosystem at the this year’s Vision Summit. The report was launched by Ashwini K Aggarwal, Chairman, IESA; Anilkumar Muniswamy, Director, SLN Technologies Ltd. and Jitendra Chaddah, Chair, Fabless CIG and Senior Director, Strategic Relations and Operations, Intel India on Day 1 of IESA’s annual flagship event – Vision Summit. It has revealed that the Indian semiconductor component market is expected to be worth USD 32.35 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2018 and 2025.

    H.E Ms Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel to South India

    The inaugural session was presided over by Shri Priyank M Kharge, Honorable Minister for IT, BT and S&T, GoK. Sharing the stage was H.E Ms Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel to South India, Sh. Shailendra Tyagi, Director, STPI Bangalore, who addressed the audience on the necessity to refocus on the unbridged talent pool, need for accelerating investment promotions, international alliances, start-up ecosystem and policy implementation to strengthen India’s contributions in Design-led Electronics Manufacturing.


    Ashwini K Aggarwal, Chairman, IESA and Chaddah, Chair, Fabless CIG, IESA

    The Vision Summit is a global leadership conclave for the Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) industry. This year, the theme is Resurgent India: Electronics, Entrepreneurship and Economy attracted a powerful line-up of industry experts, thought leaders, policymakers, government officials, business and technology experts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs who shared their views and vision on the future of the ESDM industry as well as the trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the Indian industry.

    Ashwini K Aggarwal, Chairman, IESA addressing the Summit said “We are witnessing the rise of a new India with a stable government clearing policy logjams, taking bold decisions and ambitious targets. With digital as the growth hack and aggressive engagement from the government’s “Make in India” campaign, the ESDM industry will benefit and is projected to see investment proposals over $1.5 Bln over next 2 years. We believe that now is the time to build the future of design-led manufacturing. The fabless report clearly highlights the opportunities for the Indian fabless ecosystem. This year’s theme at IESA Vision Summit 2018 is dedicated to building the industry success by highlighting opportunity areas and addresses the challenges being faced.”

    Further, during the launch of SFAL and fabless report, Jitendra Chaddah, Chair, Fabless CIG, IESA, and Senior Director, Strategic Relations and Operations, Intel India said, “Given the availability of abundant talent and chip design expertise in India, I am very excited about the tremendous opportunity we have to accelerate the semiconductor fabless ecosystem in the country. The SFAL (Semiconductor Fabless Accelerator Lab) announcement by the Govt. of Karnataka in collaboration with IESA and the release of the fabless report are going to be key ingredients to enable India in becoming a Design-led Electronics Manufacturing hub in the coming years. This initiative also reinforces this year’s Vision Summit that is focusing on `Resurgent India: Electronics, Entrepreneurship and Economy’, with a vision to tap the opportunities in the ESDM sector.”

    Highlights from the Indian Semiconductor Fabless Startup report highlights:

    • The key trends identified in the report include; Smart Industrial Automation, Defense and Rural Broadband
    • It elaborates on the Indian semiconductor design ecosystem and highlights the various opportunities for major global semiconductor players to consider India as their global R&D destination
    • It revealed that India is a highly attractive destination for global R&D centres owing to the availability of talent, as well as lower cost (compared with the US and Western Europe).

    Shri Priyank M Kharge, Honorable Minister for IT, BT and S&T, GoK speaking at the inaugural keynote of the 13th IESA Vision Summit 2018 with the theme of Resurgent India Electronics, Entrepreneurship and Economy said, “Keeping with the IESA Vision Summit theme on Resurgent India Electronics, Entrepreneurship and Economy,, “ Bangalore has emerged as the hub in the country providing for innovation, entrepreneurship and invention. We have put in place policies and framework to ensure that the ecosystem is favourable to more partnerships, access to funds, ease of business, networking in the domestic and international market and more importantly, inculcating skillsets for the future through our Centre of Excellences within the city. Along with the support of IESA, we want to inculcate a fabless ecosystem to propel the ESDM sector and encourage manufacturing not only in the state but in the rest of the country too. We have also providing opportunities through our programme Evevate100 to encourage innovation across all regions of Karnataka”

    Day 1 of the Vision Summit 2018 concluded with the IESA Technovation Awards, where emerging players in the industry were facilitated for their innovative achievements.

    For more details on IESA, visit

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