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    MWC 2018: Keysight Demonstrates Solutions for Mobile Operators to Speed Deployment of Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective IoT and 5G Technology

    Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, will be demonstrating new solutions at Mobile World Congress 2018 that address the 5G challenges currently experienced by mobile operators.

    From a technology perspective, 5G is adding significant complexity for mobile operators: more spectrum, more frequency bands and more transmission points, while providing new services, serving new markets, and ensuring the quality of service for their customers. To address these challenges, operator networks need to be configured real-time for each use case, while accommodating new licensed and unlicensed spectrum, new radio access formats, and new user behaviours.

    “Keysight’s test solutions for IoT and 5G are enabling the world’s leading mobile operators to gain insights and validate capabilities across their entire ecosystems in the device and network equipment markets,” said Garrett Lees, director of Keysight’s operator solution group. “The combination of Keysight’s comprehensive offering and industry first strategy enable operators to successfully deploy their new devices, networks and services against aggressive timelines.”

    Keysight 5G solutions for Mobile Operators

    At MWC 2018, Keysight will demonstrate its 5G Packet Core (NGC) Live Testing solution, the industry’s first 5G packet core high-scale network test solution. This solution provides mobile operators with real-time insights into their quality of service (QoS) by quickly benchmarking the scale and performance of the core network. The solution features REST APIs that easily embed into the preferred automation framework or development tool of choice.

    Also demonstrated at MWC 2018 is Keysight’s Nemo Wireless Network Solutions, which include:

    Nemo Outdoor for C-IoT field measurements in live networks enables mobile operators to verify NB-IoT and LTE-M coverage as well as optimize network quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Nemo Xynergy is an industry-leading data analytics solution that enables mobile operators to perform user-centric optimization of the Radio Access Network (RAN), leading to improved quality of experience. Customers can analyze OSS data from all major infrastructure manufacturers as well as support and analyze all RAN data feeds using one comprehensive vendor and technology-agnostic solution.

    Keysight will also showcase the industry’s first- to- market 5G network and UE emulation solutions that scale from early R&D testing in their ecosystems to validation and performance of the devices and networks as they are deployed.

    Services across the 5G ecosystem

    Test departments are being pressured to do more with less. The days of operating with a spreadsheet and gut feel on how test assets are being utilized are no longer sustainable.

    Keysight understands these pressures and is introducing Test Asset Optimization Services to help companies move from tracking to gaining full control over their test equipment. Keysight’s integrated solution delivers real-time test-asset utilization, equipment health status, and overall recommendations on areas for savings.  This powerful, industry first, the solution provides actionable transparency on multi-brand test assets that enable companies to make informed decisions on current and future procurement needs.  Keysight is offering a free assessment on how Test Asset Optimization Services can unlock hidden costs for all organizations across the 5G ecosystem.

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